The press release is not dead, if triggers good feelings

Who said the press release is dead? When it is properly focused and brings added value, it still does work. WestJet, a Canadian airlines, succeded to promote its own promotional video with a press release, which earned about 20 million clicks in a week!
Of course the trick is in the “Real Time Giving” video: watch it and you will understand why it is going so viral. It is funny, inspiring, emotional and demonstrates the real-time capabilities of the company. Chapeau!

It is also worth reading comments by PR NEWSWIRE.

Indeed, this is the Season for optimism:

Have you ever woken up in a good mood, seen the sun shining outside and felt good, only to switch on the news or see a paper and suddenly the joy seems to have disappeared? Optimist world is here to be an antidote to the pessimism that surrounds us in daily life by showing the very best of what people can do when they care.

If you are in that mood, there is a web page devoted to you: OPTIMISTWORLD! That’s where the quote above comes from.

And, if you really like good news, Huffington Post has a full section for you!


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