What if social media existed when JFK was killed?


November 22, 1963 – 1.38pm: CBS anchor Walter Cronkite breaks news President JF Kennedy has been shot dead…

Is it realistic that such a breaking news is today announced the same way? We all know the answer but who is really adequately prepared to face a comparable communication crisis nightmare…

If you are responsible for an emergency management when there’s a disaster that makes the news the first question from your boss is likely to be:

“Are we ready? Or, are you ready?”

Of course crisis management goes far beyond the pure communication aspect. But, as Eric Holdeman suggests in a recent post better to assume that you are not ready. Or at least never say that: a message of “we’re ready” tells others that they don’t have to do anything to prepare because someone else has it covered for them. Crisis communication planning is an open-ended job.


About fveltri

Former NATO and military spokesperson, currently Public Affairs consultant and President, ComIPI (www.comipi.it)
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